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Sophia Rein

Born in Paris in 1971, I grew up between Munich, Paris and Nice, influenced by my mother’s art.

As photographer and painter I love to combine the two techniques and create a new perspective of the world.

Looking at real life through a camera lense stimulates my creative need to adapt it, to make it more colorful, more dynamic, more fun, more exciting !

The merge of photography and painting creates a subtle artistic contrast and a new perspective between vision and impression. The black and white picture view of the world, offers a perfect base for my creation…a new vision of reality…

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Espresso - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
Palais Lumière, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
Miami Beach, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Old City, Collection Urban Wanderlust/Luxembourg
Ocean Drive - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Miami
Café Bar Au Vis-à-vis - Collection Urban Wanderlust / Luxembourg
10 Street - Collection Urban Wanderlust /Miami
Reflets, Collection Urban Wanderlust / Paris
Jazz! Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Manhattan Bridge - Collection Urban Wanderlust / New York
Big wheel, Collection Urban Wanderlust
Palais Royal - Collection Urban Wanderlust/ Paris